Terms & Conditions of Business (Housekeepers) & Alternative Help for Salaries over £150

The Agency’ refers to Crown Au Pairs. ‘The Client’ refers to the host family who engages the Agency to find a suitable housekeeper for an agreed fee.  ‘The Housekeeper’ refers  to the person who is registered with the Agency for the purpose of seeking a placement with the family.

The Client must sign that they have read these Terms and Conditions before they are accepted as clients.

All records, documents, and information submitted will be treated as confidential and remain the property of the Agency. Any documents sent to you regarding the Housekeeper are confidential. The passing of these documents to another potential employer will render the Client liable for the payment of the Agency fee.  If a Client originally refused a Housekeeper offered by the Agency, and subsequently engages the same Housekeeper , an invoice will be issued to the Client for immediate payment.  If a meeting is set by the Agency, between the Housekeeper and the Client, the agreement of an engagement must be arranged through the Agency.  The Housekeeper must not be approached for an engagement directly.

The Client shall pay the full placement fee before the commencement of engagement of the Housekeeper.  TRAVEL DATES AND ARRANGEMENTS WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED WITH THE CLIENT UNTIL THE PAYMENT BY CHEQUE/OR BANK TRANSFER HAS BEEN RECEIVED BY THE AGENCY.  Cheques should be made payable to Crown Au Pairs, LTD.  If you wish to pay by direct transfer please call the Agency for the bank details of Crown Au Pairs LTD.


Should the Client cancel after the Housekeeper has accepted, and after they purchased a travel ticket, or any other expenses spent by the Housekeeper or Agency,  the Agency will not offer any refund.

If the Housekeeper cancels before they arrive, the Agency will offer a free replacement where available, or a full refund of the placement fee less a £200 placement fee to the Agency.

Should the Housekeeper leave within the first 3 months of arrival probationary period, a free replacement will be offered where available. The period is only valid if the full placement fee has been paid to the Agency. If there is not a suitable Housekeeper available as a replacement, a refund will be issued, less the £200 placement fee.

Should the Housekeeper leave after the first 3 months, NO REPLACEMENT WILL BE OFFERED.  If the Housekeeper leaves during the first 3 months, and you are offered a replacement, should you find someone yourself the fee will be kept by the Agency.

Maximum guaranteed replacement is one girl.

Please be advised that any and all administrative fees are non-refundable. An administrative fee of  £50.00 is due for a Housekeeper.


If the Houskeeper or the Client wishes to terminate the contract, 14 days notice must be given by either party.  During this time the Housekeeper should be allowed to continue living with the family and carry on with their normal duties, and receive pocket money as usual.  The Housekeeper must not be made to leave immediately unless criminal activity has taken place, in which case the Agency and the police must be informed.

It is the Client’s responsibility to provide accommodation during this period.  Should the client wish the Housekeeper to leave the home, alternative accommodation must be provided at the expense of the Client.  This is not applicable if criminal activity has taken place.

No refund or replacement will be given if the Client asks the Housekeeper to leave without 14 days notice being given

There will be no replacement offered should there be reasonable grounds to believe the Housekeeper’s working conditions /or the way the Client treated her/him were unsatisfactory.  (The Agency’s decision will be final in this respect.)


The Client is responsible for board, accommodation, and for giving the Housekeeper her food, and should give the pocket money weekly. The Client must behave accordingly to the Housekeeper such as working hours, Bank Holidays, days off, duties, pocket money, etc.  The Client is responsible for meeting their Housekeeper at their point of contact into the United Kingdom.  If the Housekeeper is not met, she may be placed with another family and no replacements or refunds will be made.  It is the responsibility of the Client to protect the Housekeeper from accident and illness by means of comprehensive home insurance.

It is the Client’s responsibility to show initiative to integrate the Housekeeper into their family life, help with English learning, and any other difficulties that may arise.


Whilst the Agency endeavours to ensure the integrity and suitability of the Housekeeper to fit the requirements of the Client, they cannot guarantee the accuracy of the references or personal details supplied by the Housekeeper. We would like to point out that while we and our agents take every precaution when choosing a Housekeeper for your home, we would suggest that references are also checked personally by the family.

The Agency is not responsible for telephone calls made by the Housekeeper whilst in the Client’s home.  The Housekeeper is not employed by the Agency but by the Client.  The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damage, expense, injury, or inconvenience suffered or incurred by the Client prior to, during, or subsequent to the engagement of the Housekeeper.

The Agency must emphasize that Housekeepers are not nannies and their childcare experience is limited.  It is the responsibility of the Client should they decide to leave a Housekeeper in sole charge of a child or children; the Agency cannot accept responsibility if such a decision is made.  In addition, the Agency shall not be responsible for any breach by the Housekeeper of any agreed terms, or for any other act or omission whether wilful, negligent or otherwise. The Agency reserves the right at its absolute discretion to reject any family or Housekeeper during the application process.

  • I confirm that I have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions of business by Crown Au Pairs, Ltd.
  • THE FAX NUMBER IS: 0044 1923 859301
  • It can be scanned and emailed to:alison@crownaupairs.com

When returning the signed Terms & Conditions to Crown Au Pairs by either fax or e-mail please be sure to fill in the information below.

Print Name:

We suggest that you keep a copy

Please fill in the details below to confirm  that you agree to these terms as stated above and set forth  by Crown Au Pairs, Ltd.
(please state “I agree” in the last box):

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